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From a place of no limits…

EVERYTHING is possible 

it’s time to get some rocket fuel on that fire of yours

I’ve seen inside all kinds of companies, and massive, fast, unexpected growth comes with its challenges…

And one that’s probably top of mind for you right now is: how do you keep up?

There’s no doubt that times of growth and transition are HUGELY exciting. On the one hand your efforts over so many years are starting to really pay off. The risks you took were all worth it now, and you catch that enticing glimpse of  everything you ever dreamed your company could become.

What no one else sees though…is that it can also be your worst nightmare. Sleepless nights worrying about keeping up with demand. Infrastructure desperately in need of an upgrade. Crushing tiredness from your brain and body working overtime. Never mind customers wondering what happened to your previously unparalleled customer service, speed and quality.

I’ve seen it so many times over the past 20+ years, and if you’ve landed on this page feeling like you’re headed for burnout unless you do something about it NOW, let me reassure you:

You can get your energy back.

You can get your composure back.

You can get your drive back.

This isn’t a time to scale back your ambitions, play it safe, or give way to doubt and fear. It’s time to RISE to your current challenges and EXPAND your capacity to stretch.

I have no time or respect for so-called ‘limits’ either. Hello by the way, I’m Fiona. As a trusted adviser, consultant and mentor I help CEOs and directors cope with the ever-changing demands and transitional challenges of their growing companies.

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