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to a new life of calm

Calm is a way of life. A choice. A decision.

  • If you’ve become accustomed to always taking the hard route in life
  • If you’re bowed down with commitments that feel ‘time-expired
  • If you’re done with drama, and craving peace

It’s time to try something else.

For individuals

It’s all too easy to allow things (and dare I say it people) to stay in your life because on some level you derive a sense of satisfaction from the ‘challenge’ they present. Does that resonate with you at all? If so, I have just the thing for you – Click here to find out more about CATALYST, my introductory 4 week mentorship program. If a calmer, more ‘intentional’ life appeals to you, this is for you.

For business owners

Drowning in stress or overwhelm? Feeling stuck or stagnated? If you’re new to business coaching (or new to me), join me inside CATALYST (for businesses) – my introductory 4 week mentorship program adapted to your requirements as a business owner. Business coaching is often tax-deductible – check with your accountant. 

If your business is growing and you’re exhausted trying to ‘keep up’ you’re not alone and I’m glad you found me. Do check out this free gift I created for you – a series of 3 audios for CEOs.