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Meet fiona lynn

Queen of Calm | stress management expert | business mentor



I know what it’s like to really crave peace in your life

It took me a long time to realise I didn’t have to keep choosing the ‘hard’ route to everything. It was so entrenched, so habitual.

Hi, I’m Fiona Lynn, and this is my story:

It was 2008. I was exhausted. I was burdened. I was trying to keep one company afloat, start another, and hold down a full time job at the same time. I was completely out of my depth.

The responsibility weighed so heavy on me. I was worried about money, worried about my family, worried about not knowing enough. And I didn’t tell anyone.

I remember longing for life to just calm down and be…well…’normal’.

It had never been normal though. For as long as I could remember it had been down to me to ‘handle it all’. So I really didn’t know how to operate any differently.

Nor did I know how to reconcile this incredibly ambitious side of me – the part that so easily said ‘yes’ to everything – with the part of me that craved calm, freedom…loads of time and space for myself.

WELL I did learn how. and now? calm is my zone of genius. 

So if you’re at that point where you’re beyond ready to find another way, then work with me, the Queen of Calm, and let’s create a new ecosystem of calm for your life and work to flow from.

I’ll take you through an uplifting and empowering process of personal reflection, whereby over four weeks you’ll learn how to re-design your life and business to fully support your values, desires and goals.

Go HERE to find out more about my 4 week stress management program.