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The glorious, fully expressed, unashamed, unapologetic, free spirit you.

Remember that you?

The you that shunned conformity? The you that danced to your own tune regardless?

S/he’s still there you know….

Aching to be seen and heard.

I’m all too aware of this in my own life, and in how I’ve expressed myself (or not) in the various businesses I’ve run.

A couple of days ago I sat down with the intention of coming up with my next course. Just the title. The bare bones of what I wanted to share with you. What I really wanted you to know.

I knew there was something there, but it wouldn’t come through….

A friend suggested gin and tonic might help (they know me too well).

It’s funny now when I think of it, but it was like a light went on and I instinctively went ‘Yes, yes that WOULD help’. Not the gin itself exactly, but what that thought brought ‘through’ me…

It was a trigger. A reminder of another time. Back at university, when I was churning out (sorry Steve and Peter) at least 2 essays a week, often at the last minute, hurtling up the stairs still writing frantically til the very final moment we’d have to knock on the door and face the certain embarrassment of actually knowing very little…

Boy was I creative back then.

It takes some serious creativity to hold your own with an Oxford tutor, particularly when you know in all honesty you could have prepared better….

And (full disclosure here) wine was often involved.

Anytime it was required. After all, no one was looking. No one was judging. If I was up at 1am, pulling an all-nighter, and wine was required? It just was.

And yet in this moment….in 2020…..

In that split second after I thought ‘Yes! Yes, that’s what’s required!’….I heard a little voice say….

‘But I can’t just go and pour myself a gin and tonic at 5.00 in the afternoon….’

The shock!

The horror!

Closely followed by… ‘Why the f*ck not?’ and…(getting annoyed at myself now) ‘Since when…???’

This is what we do though, right?

We know instinctively what’s going to work, what we want, what we need….and we allow ourselves to question it, push it down, declare it not allowed because someone else might judge us….(and by the way that someone is always a person you can name)

Thank God that he made me a rebel as well as a creative genius.

Five minutes later I was dancing round the garden, Will I Am blaring through my airpods at top volume, gin and tonic in hand, remembering exactly who I am at my core and exactly why I need to STOP denying myself everything I know is good for me.

And that’s when it hit.


You are quite simply BORN to know what’s good for you. Born to know who you are. Born to know what you’re capable of. Born to know exactly what you desire and require to live this life in all its fullness. Born to express EVERY part of you – not just the acceptable bits but everything that makes you YOU. You in all your glorious unique human being-ness.

Full creative control.

Over life.

Over business.

Over YOU.

I’m feeling all kinds of emotions writing this because this matters more than anything that you remember who you are at your core. Unedited. Free. You.

I’m going to bring you back to that.

To make sure there’s nothing you forgot you wanted. Nothing you denied yourself that you actually can have, do or be.

Because at the end of the day it’s a CHOICE.

It’s 100% your creative license to express, and to let out to play those parts of you that bring light, energy, fun, expansion – whatever form they take.

You can carry on walking through life step by step, day by day, doing what needs to be done, dancing to everyone else’s tune, pleasing, conforming, settling, blending into the background….or you can WAKE UP, STEP UP and LIVE UP to who you REALLY are.

Let’s have some fun, shall we?

1:1 with me for 14 powerful, life-changing days

Breaking you open

Letting out ALL that’s inside you

Shaking up that boring, bland, self-imposed status quo until you can’t NOT be all of who you truly are

This is a full on, molecular level, returning to SOUL.

This is like NOTHING you’ve ever done before.

Because it’s what you’ve been waiting for FOREVER>>>>

To get that FIRE inside you burning so strongly that it BURNS everything it touches and woe betide anyone or anything that stands in your way!

How will it work?

We’ll be doing some deep inner work during our 14 days together. It’ll be full on. All in. No holds barred. But also….

We’ll be working together in a way that guarantees you a private space where you’ll feel fully supported and backed 1000% to explore your unexpressed desires and give full reign to your wildest, craziest, most expansive dreams and make them an inevitable reality….a completely logical next step.

We’ll be going back and forward all day every day over voice message. I’ll be sending you stuff to listen to, stuff to read, stuff that honestly is going to blow your mind. And as I feel led to as a result of what’s coming up for you, I’ll also be creating new resources – audios, videos, journaling prompts – specifically designed to act as a catalyst for the powerful realisations and breakthroughs that are available to you in your subconscious mind.

Sound good? 

Well then….let’s get going shall we?



Wake up and REMEMBER who you always were

Step up to that level way BEYOND your current limitations

Live up to the AWESOMENESS inside you and UNLEASH it


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