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A high-level 3 month coaching program for female CEOs

What would you do with UNSHAKEABLE levels of self-confidence?


A 3 month high level 1:1 executive coaching programme for business leaders who know they have SO much more to do in the world, and are ready to SERIOUSLY raise their game. 

It’s for you if:

  • Your company is established and you’re ready to take it to the next level
  • You have a substantial business vision to deliver on and value the objective support, challenge and accountability that coaching provides to reach your goals
  • You’re ready to challenge your limits and explore how you can reach your full potential at this next level in business

Here’s the kicker…

Deep down you know you could be further along than you are now.

There’s SO much you want to do, and so little time. And the frustrating thing is you know that on some level you’re holding back. Playing it a bit safe.

There’s always a next level. And that includes next-level CONFIDENCE.

It all comes down to having the level of self-belief required to make it happen at the level you know you could be at. Because let’s face it, you know you could be ‘there’ already. Hence the level of frustration you’re feeling right now.

The truth is: you’ve already OUTGROWN this current level you’re playing at.

You’re ready for more, and I’m going to show you how to get there faster.

In this coaching program, exclusively for high performers, you’re going to learn exactly how to hit the levels of success you know you’re REALLY capable of. 

We start with a series of exercises designed to develop your level of self-awareness, and that’s really the key to everything because it’s only when you really understand your core belief systems – the things that drive and motivate you internally – that you can see what needs to change to access higher levels of performance and self-mastery.

I’ll be giving you tools and strategies to help you leverage all of the internal resources you have to create the life and results you desire. You’ll develop powerful daily mindset and meditation practices, which will allow you to fully integrate what you’re learning in the program and develop new levels of creativity and flow.

As well as getting 1:1 coaching around your life and business goals, you’ll also get an audio training each week, designed to get you thinking and acting in new ways.

You’ll also have 24/7 access to me via Voxer voice notes so that I can see exactly what’s going on and coach you powerfully around any challenges or resistance that show up.

In short – you’ll have everything you need to develop the level of self-belief that will get you the impact, influence and authority you REALLY want in the world.

3 months of high-level performance coaching with me to totally transform and up-level your confidence and conviction as a business leader.

1:1 coaching

6 deep dive video coaching sessions, delivered via Zoom

Weekly audio trainings

12 powerful audio trainings to grow your level of self-belief and conviction as a leader

1:1 Voxer support (24/7)

Access to me 24/7 via Voxer voice and text messages, and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours. Coaching on the go!

Recommended resources

Journaling prompts, resources and exercises to support you in your new daily practices.

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Pay in full


  • 3 deep-dive 1:1 coaching calls via Zoom
  • Weekly audio trainings
  • 24/7 1:1 Voxer coaching
  • Personalised journaling prompts, resources and tips
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Payment plan


3 monthly instalments
  • 3 deep-dive 1:1 coaching calls via Zoom
  • Weekly audio trainings
  • 24/7 1:1 Voxer coaching
  • Personalised journaling prompts, resources and tips
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