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ONLINE COURSE: ELEVATE your thinking, EXPAND your mind and EXPLODE your creativity



It takes courage to jump from the certain success and reliability of everyday tasks in your life and business that just work on repeat, and into that VOID: that scary, unchartered, apparent nothingness where there are no guarantees and who knows what might happen….

AKA the freaking awesome place where all creation starts.

Let’s get this one thing straight shall we? To do something you’ve never done, to create something out of nothing, to step into a place where ideas flow, miracles pop up out of nowhere  and great things happen demands NEW ways of thinking, being and doing.

Obvious, right?

Which is why detaching from your current daily habits, actions and modes of thought – however successful they’ve made you up to this point (!) –  is so important if you want to tap into that something BEYOND yourself.

Tell me….

Right now, is there a project or business idea that you DEEPLY desire to see brought to life in the world, that you know you’re not ACTIVELY and DELIBERATELY and INTENTIONALLY moving forward?

Well I’ve got news for you. That idea has your attention CONTINUOUSLY, whether you’re actively working on it or not….

And what’s more: you’re perfectly well aware that RESISTING it, PUSHING it down, PRETENDING it’s ok to bail out on it day after day…is slowly sucking the life out of you. 

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, be or have you already KNOW that every day that slips by that you’re not PURSUING it with ALL YOU’VE GOT is one too many…

Every day that you’re not working on THAT, is a day that didn’t quite hit the mark.



Me too.

You wouldn’t believe the resistance I’ve faced to doing the all-out, full-colour, max capacity, full-tilt, seat of your pants exhilarating version of the work my soul has been calling me to for my entire life….

I know what it’s like to care so deeply about something that it’s better to avoid doing it than to risk it falling short of the ridiculously high standard you’ve held it to.

The thing is though…

It’s not better…is it?

Deep down you know how happy you are when you allow yourself to be completely immersed in the creative process.

You already know the immense satisfaction you feel at the end of a day in which you really DID give it everything you’ve got.

And you know also know that if you just DECIDE to…30 days from now, EVERYTHING could look different – your happiness, your levels of fulfilment, not to mention the exhilaration you’ll feel when you see the huge amount of progress you’ve made!

So why wait a minute longer?

Here’s what I’ve seen in my own life, and in the lives and businesses of so many clients over the years:

It’s totally normal to hide from work that truly matters to us.

It’s totally normal to feel unclear and muddled before we break through to the point where it all comes together and makes sense.

And it’s totally normal to hesitate before taking that first step BEYOND a level we’ve damn well mastered.

Holding on tightly to something good…when we could…just…instead…

Let go.


Piece by piece.

Or all in one go.

Whatever feels aligned.

And jump into the abyss. The void. The space where ‘nothing’ exists yet….

So you can create that ‘something’ which is uniquely yours within it.

Something not just ‘good’ but AMAZING.

And seriously? When you do, you give THAT a chance. You make THAT grow. You bring THAT to life.

What will you choose to focus on today?

What will you give your energy and attention to?

Something old, or something new?

It’s your time. It’s your choice.

And if this is speaking to you….

If you know it’s time to jump into that creative void….to play with a while new world of ideas and possibilities…to step into a new experience of life and business…to play at a whole new level…and create that something from deep inside your soul which won’t let you go….

You’re going to want to jump on this course that I’ve created to guide and support you through it. To help you detach from old ways of thinking, doing and being. To help you tap into new levels of creativity. To help you access your internal energy and drive. To help you focus with intention and from soul.

It’s time to grab the bull by the horns and step forward with boldness into the unknown where all hitherto elusive experiences and opportunities exist!!!!

It’s time to tap into a new energy.

Let’s keep your thoughts elevated as you reach far beyond your current limitations. Let’s expand your mind and massively boost your energy levels, so that you can connect into a place where you create like WILDFIRE!

The video and audio trainings, worksheets and journaling prompts I’ve put together for you in this new home study program – ENERGISE, ELEVATE AND EXPAND – are designed to keep you focused, fired up and ready to take action on the things that matter most.

So whatever that is for you….get ready to turn up the dial!

Get that long term project off the back burner, AND at the same time do some deep soul-searching and personal development work.

These investments ALWAYS pay off. 

I’ve invested thousands of pounds over the years in courses, books and webinars, and the ones that have made a real impact in my life I keep coming back to time and time again. I’m always gaining new insights and perspectives, and these resources are my first port of call when I’m feeling flat, bored or doubtful, or when I know that it’s time to step into something new or different.

That’s why I knew I had to offer ENERGISE as a home study course, so you’ve got lifetime access to listen and watch and journal in your own time. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to sign up for the home study option >>>


Get yourself some 1:1 support ON TOP!

Because I’m also giving you the option of being coached on your business and lifestyle goals for 30 days as you go through  ENERGISE, ELEVATE and EXPAND. We’ll do this via Voxer, which you’ll find to be a fun and refreshing way to work with me. For the full 30 days you’re going to get the same, unlimited access to me as my 1:1 clients do, so you can share what’s coming up and be coached in real time. If that’s what you’re looking for be sure to scroll down and select the VIP option below>>>>

what’s included in the course

EXPANSION: what’s the vision BEYOND the vision? How to expand what’s possible for you in every area of your life and business so that you’re excited to work on your business, feel connected to what you’re doing and can’t wait to bring your goals to life

ENERGY: How to know exactly what’s required for you to feel grounded and at peace so you can act from a place of certainty so that you can stay focused on your goals, stop making knee jerk decisions and act intentionally and with a solid sense of purpose AND How to keep energy suckers at bay so that your energy is not only at the level you need it to be at, but to make sure it’s going exactly where you want it to go every single day

PRODUCTIVITY: The key to unlocking your personal productivity  – this is different for everyone but SO important to understand if you want to feel like you’re making the most of your time and energy every day AND how to turn up the dial on your long term goals without losing sleep over your cashflow….which is a skill you going to have to master if you want to step back successfully from the day to day running of a business to put your time and energy behind a specific project

CREATIVITY: How to breathe new life into old projects and ideas so that you can come at your goals afresh and feel inspired and excited to work on them AND how to handle creative blocks – when nothing seems to be coming – and get those creative juices flowing again

And as you go through the course, using the journaling prompts I give you, we’ll also be covering:

  • How to tap into what your soul knows you should be working on right now
  • How to move forward with clarity and confidence, despite uncertainty, fear or doubt
  • How to break through self sabotage and false ceilings of achievement with my tried and tested goal-setting hack
  • How to become super-productive and on purpose throughout the day so that you can accelerate your results
  • How to stay switched-on, remain open and increase your ability to receive and experience more – in relation to your business, your lifestyle, your money, your relationships…

And so much more…

I’ll be giving you behind the scenes access to my tools, strategies and mindset practices, and sharing some of the most powerful journaling prompts to get you thinking WAY BEYOND your current goals and aspirations.


  • How to massively increase and accelerate your life and business results
  • Why setting audacious goals is so important
  • How to hack your brain so that you naturally and effortlessly move towards your goals without even realising
  • What tapping into your own inner power really looks like
  • How to harness your natural enthusiasm to create new life and business experiences
  • What being on ‘top form’ really means for you and how to consistently act from a place of grounded purpose and certainty
  • How to set new standards for your achievements
  • What to do when you’re ‘just not feeling it’
  • How to know when a subconscious block or mindset issue is slowing you down
  • How to give priority to long term projects AND get the day to day stuff done
  • How to generate your own individual creative flow energy
  • How to breathe life into old ideas (and pull from a stream of new ones)
  • How to remove blocks and energy drainers so you can give full reign to your creative powers


ELEVATE your thinking, EXPAND your mind and EXPLODE your creativity

Now available as a home study course! Scroll down to sign up.

Jump in anytime to get access to all the videos, audios and worksheets. If you choose the VIP option, with 30 days of 1:1 coaching, our Voxer voice notes start within 24 hrs of joining. 



One-time payment

Home-study course

  • Audio and video trainings, worksheets and journaling prompts to inspire, motivate, encourage and energise you – listen and watch at your own pace
  • Your personalised coaching hotseat  – email me your burning questions as you go through the course and I’ll turn them into a special bonus training for you
  • Lifetime access to all of your training from your very own personal membership area
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One-time payment

Includes 30 days 1:1 Voxer coaching

  • 1:1 Voxer coaching around your personal and business goals for the full 30 days
  • Audio and video trainings, worksheets and journaling prompts to inspire, motivate, encourage and energise you – listen at your own pace
  • Your personalised coaching hotseat  – email me your burning questions as you go through the course and I’ll turn them into a special bonus training for you
  • Lifetime access to all of your training from your very own personal membership area
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