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THE 7 DAY ‘MINDSET Re-SET’ for Creators, entrepreneurs, empire builders and innovators


Fundamentally you know you’re capable of anything you set your mind to.

You set the bar pretty high, because why wouldn’t you, when you know that really…ANYTHING is possible?

After all…

You didn’t come here to do ANYTHING in a quiet, safe little corner.

You don’t care for just making ends meet.

Building just A.N.Other business.

Creating a 2.4 life for yourself and your family.

Yes it’s cool if other people want that – that’s their choice – but for you? No.

No, no, no, no, NO.

You’re certain of it.

At a deep, soul level, you’re UNSHAKEABLE in it.

Which is why you quite literally have a bodily reaction whenever the people in your life – well-meaning as they often are –  try to give you advice like:

‘Shouldn’t you just lower your sights a bit?’

‘Can’t you just be happy with what you’ve already achieved?’

And sometimes even say things like

‘Don’t be so hard on yourself…most people don’t make it to that level/in that super-competitive industry/at your age’ 

Or even…

‘You just keep on living in that dream world darling…’

Because they’re missing the point.

The point is this:

That dream world is where all of it’s happening for you.

That dream world, where your VISION lies.

That dream world, that ‘future’ is quite literally the place from which you’re taking the actions today, and having the thoughts today, and making the changes today….that bring you closer to making that dream world a reality.

And your current reality?

It’s old news.



Done already. Box ticked. Got the t-shirt.

And the harsh truth is: Living in that kind of comfort zone, where everything’s all just hunky-dory, thank you very much, is REALLY uncomfortable for you.

Because it means you”re no longer growing. You’ve settled into a lovely, pretty little routine.

Which was nice for a while.

Until it wasn’t.

And now? It’s time to stretch again.

To tap back into the BIGGER vision.

To live in FULL COLOUR again.

To be UNSHAKEABLE in your determination that…


This IS for you.

What you see when you look into the future IS yours now.

And YES, you are absolutely right to pursue it, claim it, decide it, and have it.

Not some watered down version of it.

Not bits of it.

Not maybe one day when you’ve done x, y and z with bells on to prove you can.




Leaving the naysayers behind, choking on the dust cloud of your determination, keeping your eye on the prize for as long as it takes.

Well then….

Shall we?

WITH UNSHAKEABLE you’re going to seriously raise your game in 7 key areas


Get crystal clear on what this is – for your company and for your life – so that you can make strategic decisions from a place of certainty, in alignment with the issues and principles you care most deeply about


Connect fully and deeply with your creative vision  so that in every decision, and through every action, your company (and your life!) grows in full alignment with your end goal.


Decide where to place your focus on a day to day basis to make the greatest impact, what to delegate and what to let go of completely.


Develop greater levels of self-awareness as a leader so that you can set healthy boundaries, and give yourself what you need daily to perform at the highest level.


Develop and grow your composure on a daily basis so that you can handle everything that comes your way with complete ease, and guard against straying from your big vision.


Handle frustration, disappointment and failure with grace and compassion so that you can recover quickly, learn the art of re-framing and build resilience.


Learn how to both protect and maximise your energy as a leader, and how to deal with changes in momentum as you step into that next level of business success.

Daily Video Trainings

You’re going to get daily recorded video trainings uploaded into your own private account area to watch in your own time. Taking one topic at a time, this is going to be the how and why of the stuff that really makes the difference in your life and business.

Daily Audio Stories

Every day I’ll be sharing stories from my own experience, telling you what’s worked (and what hasn’t) when it comes to feeling, thinking, believing and acting from a place where you are unshakeable. You’ll consolidate what you’re learning, and at the same time find real-life encouragement and feel deeply supported.  Let’s keep you on track and your energy high as you take action on the things that matter.

Daily Power-Journaling

Accompanying the daily stories and video trainings, you’ll be getting some seriously powerful and thought-provoking questions for self-reflection. Journaling inspires breakthrough thinking and gets major results over time. The insights you receive into your own beliefs, desires and strategic ‘hell yes’ actions will blow your mind. This stuff really works and I have the results to prove it!

UNSHAKEABLE is a full-on mindset re-set, to bring you back into COMPLETE alignment with your VISION, PURPOSE and GOALS.

It’s the WAKE UP CALL, the KICK IN THE ASS, the CALL TO ARMS your soul has been crying out for.

If you decide to sign up for Unshakeable, you already know it’s time for you to draw that line in sand, connect back into what you know deep down is next for you, and with a click of your fingers make it HAPPEN.

It goes without saying that

UNSHAKEABLE is for high performers.

It’s for capable, talented, passionate, hardworking, ambitious CEOs, creators, entrepreneurs, innovators and empire builders who are ready to push down on the accelerator.

It’s for those of you who know there’s still a whole lot more for you to throw at this

It’s for those of you who know you’re still playing small relative to your big vision and are DONE with your own excuses and reasons why you’re not there yet

It’s for those of you who are ready to be UNSHAKEABLE

So that you can finally unleash and implement on what you came here to do in the world.

In other words…

It’s for someone just like you.


WE START WITHIN 24 hrs of you signing up






Includes 1:1 Coaching

  • DAILY video trainings to inspire, motivate and challenge you
  • DAILY audio stories to keep you on track
  • DAILY journaling prompts to strengthen and integrate what you’re learning

PLUS this awesome VIP Bonus

  • Daily 1:1 coaching as one of my highest level private clients, via the Voxer app (voice and text messaging service), for the full 7 days of the program
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Program membership

  • Membership of the 7 day program
  • DAILY video trainings to inspire, motivate and challenge you
  • DAILY audio stories to keep you on track
  • DAILY journaling prompts to strengthen and integrate what you’re learning
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When do we start?

We start within 24 hours of you signing up. Your audio files and journaling prompts will appear in your account area each day as we go through the program. These resources are provided for you to work through at your own pace.

When you sign up you’ll get IMMEDIATE access to the pre-work and secret bonus trainings I’ve created for the course so you can get started straightaway! #action-takers

If you’ve chosen to go VIP, you’ll also receive an invitation to link up with me via the Voxer app where we’ll get started with our voice and text messages.

How long does the program last?

The program runs for 7 days in total. However, you’ll have lifetime access to the training materials, videos and audios which means you can do things at your own pace, or go back through the material as many times as you like. In fact I’d highly recommend that you do!

If you go VIP, your Voxer coaching lasts for the full week and I’d encourage you to use this as much as possible so we can go back and forward as things come up for you in real time.

What does going VIP mean?

Going VIP means a higher level of access to me, including coaching by Voxer voice notes for the full 7 days of the program. VIP clients also get access to all of the recordings and training resources.

What does the format look like for the 7 days?

Every day you’ll receive a recorded audio training to listen to in your own time, with accompanying journaling questions for self-directed study and reflection. There’ll also be a recorded video training on the day’s topic, and you can email me anytime to share what’s come up for you, ask questions and get further support.