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the fun and the fire are in the stretch 


Work with me at the highest level as one of my private clients and we’ll create a personalised blueprint for the life and business you want NOW. You’ll feel fully supported on every level as we stretch what’s possible for you and pour rocket fuel on your goals.

Let’s tear through any self-sabotaging bullsh*t, show excuses the door and burn down all ‘shadow’ versions of the person you know you can be.

You won’t have worked with a mentor like me before.

I act as your rock: someone who stays completely calm and grounded, whatever shows up.

Nothing shocks me.

And just so you know: I’m a walking contradiction.

Super calm, patient and kind but at the same time ‘no bullsh*t’ with a serious dose of unapologetic, ‘f*ck it all, rules aren’t for the rulebreakers’ mentality.

I’m based in the UK and serve clients all over the world. The way I like to work with my private coaching clients is primarily via Voxer. This cool way of working together allows me to really connect into your energy and vibe, and take my time to come back with targeted questions that lead you into deeper self-reflection. Your answers are always inside you and my skill is to help you claim and unleash them.

Having 24/7 access to me means you can share whatever’s going on ‘in the moment’, and I can pinpoint exactly what’s going on. I’ll always come back to you in Voxer within 48 hrs, and I also ask you to check in with me on a weekly basis via video call.

If possible we’ll meet in person during our time working together. There’s no set pattern for this – we simply agree what makes sense. My consulting room is located at Solent Airport, with Southampton Airport just down the road. Both provide private corporate aviation services, and London is 1.5-2 hrs by train. 

If you’re new to 1:1 coaching…..just a bit of background before you decide whether it’s right for you.

Coaching is very much a two-way process. Calling yourself out, taking responsibility for your results and being completely open with me are all an essential part of this process. You’ll be amazed how much you learn about yourself, and how you can quite literally shape-shift into new emotions, thoughts, decisions, ideas, experiences and priorities.

Also, life gets crazy at times. We’re all human. We’re multi-dimensional beings with layer and layers of experience, knowledge, desires and random stuff all wrapped up together – and it’s all out on the table in coaching. No holds barred is the best way to dive into this.

I create immersive coaching experiences, tailored to your individual needs and desires. You’re committing to a level of transformation that will last a lifetime, so I like us to work together initially over at least 3 months. It’s really important to know ahead of time that it’s a good fit for both of us, which we can do over private message or if you prefer we can book you in for a 30 min exploratory session where I can learn more about your goals. This isn’t a coaching session, rather an opportunity for us both to ask questions and start to put together a coaching package that aligns perfectly with your requirements. Please only request an appointment if you are serious about entering into a coaching relationship with me and ready to proceed if a slot is available.


Exploratory session (30 mins) – free. Please book your session here.

1:1 coaching for entrepreneurs, creators, empire-builders and innovators – 3-12 months by agreement – from £10k. Payment plan available on request. This is the highest level of support and access to me personally that I offer so places are limited. To discuss your specific requirements please get in touch and tell me a bit about yourself, your business and what you’re looking to work on with me here. Or if you prefer, book in for an exploratory session with me here.

If you’re set up as a business, performance coaching may be tax deductible as a business expense as part of your ongoing leadership development training (check with your advisors).

What can I expect if we work together?

Expect to be challenged. Expect to expand like never before. Expect new insights, energetic connection, breakthroughs and shifts in your consciousness and a new sense of what’s truly available to you.

Questions? Get in touch here