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I help GROWTH-FOCUSED entrepreneurs to build strong, sustainable companies


In any fast-growing company there’s going to come a point where your current systems, strategies and processes are no longer fit for purpose. Dealing with the daily consequences can be a massive headache, not to mention a huge drain on your resources and energy.

Which is why I’m in the business of ‘business optimisation’ – because if you’re going to ‘contain’ the growth you’ve had AND continue to scale successfully, the operational side of your business had better be working effectively.

If your company is based in Hampshire, UK, or the surrounding counties, I invite you to book a call to find out how I can help. To learn more about our services, please read on.

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Is your business ‘Built to Scale’?

Built to Scale (BTS) is a bespoke package of consultancy support, tailored to your business and personal goals as a Director/Entrepreneur.

Built to Scale will allow you to think clearly and strategically. It’ll allow you to re-group from a place of calm composure, releasing you from the constant fire-fighting and distractions, and bringing you back into your zone of genius again.

How it works:

First, you’ll book a call with me to discuss your requirements. I will identify where and how I think I can help.

If we decide it is a good fit for you to become a client, we meet in person at Fareham Innovation Centre to complete your Built to Scale Assessment. This lets me see in detail where you are in your business right now and identify areas to prioritise for sustainable long term growth.

The BTS Assessment is designed to give you an objective, high-level, birds-eye view of your business, honing in on the key foundational structures that need to be upgraded to contain and support your company’s growth.

  • Vision and Strategy
  • Team and Expertise
  • Operational Systems
  • Customer Care
  • Supply Chain
  • Finances

The assessment forms the basis of the optimisation strategy you’ll implement inside your business over the next 6 months. We agree key deliverables at this point before moving into the Implementation Phase. This is specifically tailored to your business and may include:

  • Goal setting and priorities to deliver on your strategic vision
  • 1:1 mentoring (Director/Entrepreneur)
  • Troubleshooting operational/service delivery problems
  • On-site performance auditing to improve productivity
  • Assistance with hiring
  • Support with outsourcing, delegation, strategic relationships and partnering
  • Supply chain management and vetting
  • Regulatory frameworks
  • Project Management
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Negotiations
  • Due diligence

We target the support to the areas of your business where it is needed for maximum results, and of course, always in alignment with your personal and professional goals.

You’ll have a 6 month plan to implement inside your business straightaway to start seeing results, and I’ll be on hand as your trusted adviser and business growth mentor to ensure you stay on track.

If you’re running a profitable business (typically 6 figures+), your company is growing fast, and you know you need clarity on where to focus your time and energy for maximum results, Built to Scale is for you.

‘Built to Scale’ is the support I wish I’d had 20+ years ago when I built my first company to £3.2m from the ground up and the ‘baptism of fire’ that came with it! Having the support of an experienced mentor back then would have saved me so many headaches and sleepless nights.’

Next steps Please schedule a call to discuss your requirements (15 mins) – you can book a slot in my calendar here.

Or, send me a message. Give me a high level overview of your business. Tell me what your biggest challenges are at the moment, your monthly revenue and profit, and where you want to be. You can contact me here

Occasionally I’ll choose to work with someone in the earlier stages of their business, if I believe in them and what they’re looking to do and sense that they’re ready and willing to ‘do the work’. I’m open to this, subject to my availability, because I understand that having that strong foundation pays dividends later on. If that’s you, email me.