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how to break a repeating cycle in your life

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How to break a persistent cycle of ‘struggle’ in your life (hint: you have more control than you think)


Ever wondered why unwanted cycles keep repeating in your life? I did too, and it was only when I discovered this process that I was able to break free of them.

In this webinar I share 6 steps you can take today to start breaking whatever cycle you find yourself stuck in.

In 2012 I made a life-changing decision.

I decided I deserved better.

I’d become so used to life (and business!) being a struggle.

Even when things turned a corner and life was relatively good again, I still feared it coming to an end. I was on the edge, scared of what was round the corner.

For years, it stole my peace.

I couldn’t just go with the flow. I held onto things so tightly. Things, people, anything that made me feel secure.

But the truth is, I didn’t feel secure. Whatever I did, I couldn’t feel that calmness of mind.

Let me tell you: peace of mind is EVERYTHING.

When you have it you let things come to you: people, circumstances, opportunities. You’re deeply grateful for what you have, and eager for what’s to come. You’re not a slave to time, you’re in charge of it. And because you’ve released it from a perpetual cycle of worry, your mind is free to create, free to expand, free to explore – without the pressure of always needing to do something, or be somewhere, or have something.

Maybe you’ve experienced this in an area of your life already – maybe in your relationship with your partner, maybe in business or career – where it’s always just easy. You don’t have to overthink anything. You feel safe, happy, secure. Nothing is ever really a problem, and if something comes up, you just handle it. No drama.

And then there’s that other area of your life, where it’s the exact opposite. Everything is always a struggle, and no matter what you do to change it, you always find yourself back there – repeating that same cycle, ending up with the same frustrating results and wishing you knew how to just break free!

Well, it took me a while but a few years ago I finally learned how to do just that. I’ve narrowed it down to 6 key things I think are crucial when it comes to breaking these persistent cycles – and I’m sharing them with you here in this video so you can put it into practice in your own life.

This process really works and can be applied in all kinds of situations:

To transform your relationships
To overcome financial worries and build wealth
To release over-working and create balance
To stop procrastination and create forward momentum

It’s all possible with these 6 steps.

Fiona x

PS After you’ve watched the training you’re welcome to download this checklist where I’ve listed out the 6 steps so you can keep on coming back to them.